Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pattern tracing supplies

Here's what I use for pattern tracing:

pencil case - keeps my special tools off limits for kids
Sharpie - labeling ziplock baggies 
.5 mm mechanical pencil - the smaller the lead the more accurate the tracing
lead refills
paper scissors
18" clear plastic ruler
clear plastic metric ruler 
long metal ruler
accordion file box - stores the ziplock baggies with patterns according to book
zip lock baggies - stores the pattern pieces 
small clear ruler - adding seam allowances
seam gauge - adding seam allowances
highlighters - to trace the pattern pieces before tracing (I don't have to do that anymore but that helped a lot when I first got started with Japanese patterns)
post-it tabs - marks the pages in the pattern book for quick reference
medical lab paper - pattern paper for tracing, it is only $5 a roll and very transparent.  For fancier patterns I sometimes use Swedish tracing paper but that is over $20 a roll.


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