Friday, September 25, 2009

Tunic and Leggings II

Book:  Everyday Girl Clothes style #4, Everyday Bottoms style X
Size:  100 cm
Fabric:  Cotton Flannel Gingham, Cotton rib knit

Here is the pink version.  Nothing more to add from the previous post except I think the leggings would look better with a different shoe.  But the girls insist on wearing their "cowboy boots" whenever they go to This is the Place.

Tunic and Leggings

Book:  Everyday Girl Clothes style #4, Everyday bottoms style X 
Size:  90 cm
Fabric:  Cotton flannel gingham, rib knit
I love this Holly Hobby look on the girls - it keeps them little for now at least.

I didn't get a good picture of the leggings but I used the same yoga pants pattern as these pants except I cut down the bottom flare so now they are more of a legging.  The bottoms were finished with the ruffle technique that was suggested for style A in the same book.  Basically it is 5 rows of rolled hem with my differential feed setting set to 2.  I always forget the rolled hem setting so here is a good reminder.  I'm still struggling with the fact that this pattern uses the same crotch curve for front and back.  I've decided my girls have a bit more flesh on their behinds than the average Japanese child.  To make up for it I just cut down the 1.5" from center front then gradually tapered it up to center back, this gave me more length in the back so the waist would stay even around the tummy.

One more funny thing about the leggings.  I measured the girls for elastic right after they both ate a huge bowl of lentils.  Needless to say the waist may be a bit big on an average day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ruffle dress

Book:  Everyday girl clothes
Size:  110 cm
Fabric:  Kaffe Fassett cotton

This may be my favorite thing I've sewn this season.  The hardest part was matching up the plaid but other than that it was quick to sew up.  I waiting for the girls to model their clothes because there is always a high chance of damage even after a 5 min wear.  


Book:  Everyday girl clothes
Size:  90 cm, 100 cm
Fabric:  Corduroy 

These are quite basic and remind me of something I might have worn growing up in the 80's.  

The bodice is lined with the same cotton used for the blouses and I have definite regret about purchasing the corduroy for $2 a yard at Joann's - it is stiff, scratchy and shares the same properties as a lint brush.  Next time I'll order from Carol Harris, she always has nice stuff.

These almost seem to basic for me so I'm working on making the right flower pin or hair clip to give it a modern touch.  

Monday, September 21, 2009

Japanese craft books in English!

I just saw these books today on the progressive pioneer. This is one give away I would really like - I can never get enough of craft/sewing books. Check them out at make good books.

For anyone with a bit of sewing experience a translated book is not essential, but it may be a good place to start out for the intimidated.

There have been a few questions regarding the sources for our books. My favorite seller is Simply Pretty Bead books on ebay. You may also find them on Etsy or various craft sites such as super buzzy.

Peter pan blouse

Book:  Everyday Girl Clothes, style #10
Size: 90 cm, 100 cm
Fabric:  Japanese cotton print from Piper's

This is a great basic for little girls.  The only trouble I had was with the collar.  I can't stand when any collar flips up so I took the time to trim 1/8" from the under collar before sewing top and bottom together.  I think 1/8" was too much because I had a hard time smoothing out the purple one.  The pink was done second and this time I only trimmed a little more than 1/16" and that was perfect.  Here are some more tips on sewing a peter pan collar.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Book:  Everyday Girl Clothes, style #30
Size:  90 cm, 100 cm
Fabric:  cotton Lycra (pink), cotton rib knit (purple)

These were super quick and easy to sew up.  I was a bit nervous about the fit over the head but it wasn't a problem.  I also loved the fit through the sleeves and torso -  this is a basic I'll be sure to whip up again and again.   

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prairie Dresses

Book:  Natural Layered Style Clothes
Size:  100 cm, 110 cm
Fabric:  Floral linen, Cotton print (both Japanese import fabrics)

Another set of quick and fun to sew dresses.  I don't have much else to add except I thought it was odd that the button closure was designed left over right I did it that way because I was sewing late and didn't think twice about it until I put the buttons on.  I'm also a bit intrigued by this new prairie trend but you can read more about that here.
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