Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long sleeve Turtle Neck

Book: Stylish Girl Clothes, view r
Fabric: Cotton Lycra from Fabric Fairy

One of those patterns that you want to make over and over with different fabric.  Beautiful fit.  

Yoke Blouse

Book: Stylish Girl Clothes, view r
Size: 120
Fabric: Batick- cotton/polly from Hawaii. Floral- cotton from Spain.  White- Brooks Brother's Wrinkle free shirt

This blouse is tailored and runs smaller.  I recommend using solid fabric for the yoke to fully enjoy the details.  

Pencil Skirt


Book: Stylish Girl Clothes, view s
Size: 120
Fabric: Wool
This was made using my wool pants I never wore.  The two seams you see one the top part are the side seams from the pants and don't exist in the pattern.   


Book: Girl's recital Book
Size: 130
Fabric: cotton battiest, nylon netting, polyester lining
This was a beast to sew up, but it is well worth the investment in time and fabric.     

Easter Dress

BookGirl's Recital Book
Size: 130
Fabric: Wal-Mart mystery (content unknown) fabric.  Poly/cotton? The right side had a shiny sheen to it, so 
i used the wrong side.

This book is a little tricky, but the result compares to a boutique made, custom fit dress. The book gives you 
the basic bodice and sleeve pattern you can trace off of the back side of the dust jacket. Then you make 
adjustments using your child's measurements with the help of their diagrams for each dress. You also 
have to draft the skirt parts. It took me one evening (about two hours) just to draft the patterns, but again, 
my patience was well rewarded.

Bloomers and Blouse

Book:  New York Style Kids Clothes
Size:  100 cm
Fabric:  Dotted Swiss
Book:  Stylish Girl Clothes
Size:  100 cm
Fabric:  Gray Linen
Other notes:  I also added back patch pockets and made a fake side placket at the bottom cuff with a shell button shaped like a flower

3 tiered pants

Book:  Natural Fall and Winter Clothes
Size:  100 cm
Fabric:  Cotton gingham with cotton lace trim

Knit Placket Dress

Book:  New York Style Baby
Size:  2-3
Fabric:  Knit interlock print
Other notes:  The pattern actually calls for a woven, in fact they have it photographed in a Liberty print,  I just used what I had on hand because I wasn't sure how it was going to fit.  The fit is great.  I especially love the inverted pleat at the back yoke.  There are two variations of this dress, one with a rounded collar and one with a pointed collar.  Instead of buttons I saved time with matching metal snaps and also made some matching teal knit shorts to go under the dress.  It is sized only for 2-3.

Hooded Jacket

Book:  Girly Style Wardrobe
Size:  100 cm
Fabric:  Wool blend berber fleeces from Haberman's and lined with a Kaffe Fassett print
Other notes:  I used hot pink plastic snaps instead of buttons and I did not add the pocket on the original pattern.  

Skirts for Everyday

24 pattern guides to draft

Adult Lockstitch Book

26 patterns
Women's sizes M, L, XL

Monday, June 29, 2009

Good News Handmade Zakka

20 craft projects and gifts for babies

Felt Fruit and Vegetables

fruit, vegetables, pancakes, eggs, sushi, ice cream, cake patterns

Lovely Dresses

37 patterns
Women's size S, M, L, XL

Adult Couture Smock and Dress Book

28 patterns
Women's size XS, S, M, L

Girls Handmade Clothes

20 patterns
size 100 cm - 140 cm

Everyday Bottoms

26 patterns
size 90 cm - 130 cm

New York Style Baby

26 patterns
sizes 6 months, 12 months, 2/3 year old

Girl's Holiday Clothes

27 patterns 
130 cm - 150 cm

Natural Layered Style Clothes

31 patterns
100 cm - 130 cm
Women's size medium & large

Stylish Girl Clothes

25 patterns
size 90 cm - 130 cm

Handmade Baby Clothes

20 patterns
60 cm - 90 cm

Natural Fall and Winter Clothes

43 patterns
100 cm - 140 cm

New York Style Kids Clothes

26 patterns for both boys and girls
size 3T-8

Girl on the Beach

25 patterns 
sizes 90 cm - 130 cm

Girl's Recital Book

21 Dress Patterns
100 cm - 130 cm

Classic and Elegant Children's Clothes

15 patterns
sizes 100 cm - 140 cm

Toddler Boys and Girls Clothes

48 patterns
sizes 80 cm - 110 cm

Lockstitch Baby Book

17 patterns 
sizes 60 cm - 90 cm
intended for serger use

Girly Style Wardrobe

27 patterns sizes 100 cm - 140 cm

Natural Fall and Winter Clothes

43 patterns
size 100 cm - 140 cm

Children's Lockstich Book

Full of patterns for knits and intended for serger use.
Sizes 90 cm- 140 cm

Monday, June 22, 2009


I have been a sewer since I was 8 years old.  It was something I couldn't resist and with no formal lessons I learned how to sew "my own way".  I have since completed several courses including 1 year technical school under the direction of an Austrian tailor, and a 4 year degree in Clothing and Textiles at BYU and a one course in French heirloom sewing at the Martha Pullen school of fashion. It was through those courses I learned what rules I could and couldn't break.

I also learned quite a bit of pattern drafting but to be honest I really don't enjoy it, I'd rather just get on with the project. So I would often purchase patterns from the fabric store and to my great disappointment it took just as much time to alter the patterns as it would be to draft my own. I found even the children's patterns were disproportionally large and I was rarely satisfied with the end product. For years I only sewed on occasion.

I can't remember exactly when Marie' sent me my first Japanese sewing book but I do remember I was pregnant with baby #6. The images were impressive but to be honest I was intimidated. The first couple tracing sessions weren't quick or comfortable but after checking out an English/Japanese dictionary and recognizing basic words like "front" and "back" it got easier. I believe anyone with basic sewing experience could decipher the Japanese patterns.  

I'm hooked. I love the simplicity of the design and construction. With the exception of one adult pattern (my figure is far from the average Japanese woman and those patterns require quite a bit of alteration), I have been pleased with all the finished garments from my Japanese sewing books. I now own several books and am busy sewing more than ever. Japanese pattern books are what got me to love sewing again.
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