Wednesday, October 21, 2009

winter jacket

Quinn had a Gap corduroy coat last year that I loved.  It could be dressed down for jeans, while also looking great with church clothes.  Now that he has grown out of it, it was time to sew one up for this year.  I started with suiting fabric I had bought when Jerome was little.  I was pleased that I still liked it after 9 years, while fashion trends have changed quite a bit.  I added a lining of sweatshirt fabric for warmth.  I made a label out of the tiger in a Echino scrap fabric Alison had given me.  It pulled all the colors together and gave the jacket that little detail I was after.    


The mustard corduroy came from what was left of Asha's bubble skirt, and the sweatshirt fabric for the lining came from Scott's old Cougar sweatshirt.  

Size: 90

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wool Flower

Another experiment.  I really like the frayed edges but wonder if it is too big.  
Check it out on the coat here.  

Wool Coat

Book:  Toddler Boys and Girls clothes
Size:  80 cm
Fabric:  Felted wool recycled from a men's sweater, jersey sweatshirt fabric

There was not enough wool for the hood so I added the collar from the bottom ribbing of the original sweater and made a detachable hood out of the same lining fabric.  To save time I attached snaps instead of buttons but wish I would have added grosgrain ribbon to help secure the snaps - even felted the wool may be too delicate for metal snaps.


Jumper blouse combo

I wasn't too excited about these pieces when they were first posted but have since changed my mind after their first wear.

Layered puff-sleeved T

Pattern: Milimili Girl's T-shir set
the dog appliqué pattern is from a quilt book, White Design - Simple Quilt
Size: 130
Fabric: Navy with white dots from Fabric Fairy, and white sleeves from Alison.

Monday, October 19, 2009

refashioned sweater T

Book:  Toddler Boys and Girls Clothes
Size:  80 cm
Fabric:  Felted men's sweater, recycled Brooks Brothers button down

This is the same pattern I used for this T.

I should have drafted the size 90 cm though because the sweater and lining added extra bulk.  The original pattern did not include a lining but I added it because I wasn't sure how itchy the wool would be, it also adds a bit of style.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Flowers

Book:  Flower Book
Fabric:  Wool from an old wool coat

I had to tell myself  this is an art not a science as I flipped through pages of Japanese text, all I had were pictures to guide me.  Next time Marie' and I plan a visit she can fill me in on the nitty gritty secrets of fabric flower making.  Until then I will have fun experimenting.  These two where made for my daughter's winter coat and bonnet. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Even better on

Marie' and I have been debating whether it is better to post the clothes on models or just alone.  On their own you are able to see more of the construction and design details but they are so much cuter modeled.

Here is the ruffle dress

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

refashioned baby T's

Book:  Baby lockstitch Book
Size:  90 cm
Fabric:  Old cotton turtle necks

This is a bit slimmer than the Kimono T I made last Spring.  It was very cold last week so it is two layers sewn together for extra warmth.  The original pattern called for ribbing around the neck but I did a binding and also added the pocket and elbow patches. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smock Dress and leggings

I finished another school outfit early this morning.  My sewing area is right next to our workout room, and it was too hard to resist putting elastic in the leggings to finish up this outfit after my workout. 

Smock dress
Pattern: style "g" of Mom and Girl Matching Clothes 
Size: 130 
Fabric: Japanese lawn from Hobbyla Hobbyle

I took out about 4 inches off the width because I didn't have enough fabric, and also added a waist band.  I would make this dress as full as the pattern is for little girls, but I think the slimmer style is a better look for older girls.     

Pattern: Everyday bottoms 
Size: 130
Fabric: Cotton Lycra from a fabric store in Salt Lake City (Thank you for getting it, Alison!)

The length is in between the two styles of leggings they have in the book.  I added some ruffles at the bottom.   

Thursday, October 8, 2009

pleated denim skirt and leggings

I am hoping the leggings will keep those legs warm and extend the wearable time into the early winter.  I used cotton interlock for them, and they are a bit snug around the thighs.  I have a few more pairs cut out using cotton lycra, and that should work better with it's extra stretch.     

skirt - Everyday Girl Clothes,  style 29, size 130 (The book only goes up to 120, so I scaled it up.)
leggings - Everyday Bottoms, style X 


skirt - denim from NPS Store in Salt Lake City 
leggings - cotton interlock from Fabric Fairy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Putting it all together

Clothes look better on models and in action - here they are the peasant T's, skinny jeans, and smock tops.

smock tops

Book:  Natural layered Style
Size:  100 cm, 110 cm
Fabric:  vintage cotton print and lace (picked up at a yard sale)

I wish I could say this was a quick and fun pattern to sew up but it certainly had its kinks.  It was too wide and I ended up adding additional tucks in the front and a inverted pleat at CB.  This made them a bit puffy and younger sister commented that she looked like she had a baby in her tummy just like me. 

Skinny Jeans

Book:  Natural Layered Style Clothes
Size:  100 cm, 110 cm
Fabric:  A cotton poly knit that Marie' brought back from Japan

Marie' reported that these children's knit skinny jeans were everywhere in Japan this summer. The original pattern did not include pockets but after browsing several other Japanese sewing blogs I was inspired to add a bit more to the jeans including the tabs with antique copper snaps.  The girls love pockets but they sometimes lead to trouble - after a few hours I finally found my cell phone tucked deep below one of these snapped tabs.  

Peasant T's

These long sleeve T's were drafted off a basic Japanese T-shirt pattern.  The fabric is an organic cotton knit from near sea naturals.  This was my first attempt using the new binding attachment for my Janome coverpro and I would like to add the process brought about both tears of frustration and tears of joy.   
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