Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smock Dress and leggings

I finished another school outfit early this morning.  My sewing area is right next to our workout room, and it was too hard to resist putting elastic in the leggings to finish up this outfit after my workout. 

Smock dress
Pattern: style "g" of Mom and Girl Matching Clothes 
Size: 130 
Fabric: Japanese lawn from Hobbyla Hobbyle

I took out about 4 inches off the width because I didn't have enough fabric, and also added a waist band.  I would make this dress as full as the pattern is for little girls, but I think the slimmer style is a better look for older girls.     

Pattern: Everyday bottoms 
Size: 130
Fabric: Cotton Lycra from a fabric store in Salt Lake City (Thank you for getting it, Alison!)

The length is in between the two styles of leggings they have in the book.  I added some ruffles at the bottom.   


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