Wednesday, October 21, 2009

winter jacket

Quinn had a Gap corduroy coat last year that I loved.  It could be dressed down for jeans, while also looking great with church clothes.  Now that he has grown out of it, it was time to sew one up for this year.  I started with suiting fabric I had bought when Jerome was little.  I was pleased that I still liked it after 9 years, while fashion trends have changed quite a bit.  I added a lining of sweatshirt fabric for warmth.  I made a label out of the tiger in a Echino scrap fabric Alison had given me.  It pulled all the colors together and gave the jacket that little detail I was after.    


The mustard corduroy came from what was left of Asha's bubble skirt, and the sweatshirt fabric for the lining came from Scott's old Cougar sweatshirt.  

Size: 90


  1. This is wonderful! I love the addition of the Echino cat, so cute :)

  2. I didn't even realize we used the same pattern for our coats - I kept thinking you were going to use Oliver & S.

    Amazing how the same pattern can turn out so great and yet so different - good job! I'm glad my old scraps came in handy

  3. The Oliver and S coat pattern I got was 4 to 8, so I did this one. The Echino fabric was the jumping off point.


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