Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hibi Hoodie

Pattern:  Hibi
Size:  Medium
Fabric:  refashioned from two sweaters from Salvation Army

Hibi is another great Japanese pattern company. Just like millimilli however, they only sell within Japan, they sell out quickly and their shop is only open sporadically.  We were lucky to get this one pattern and I'm now wishing we had the little girl size (looks like I'll have to draft it myself).

Maire' and I both made these yesterday and it was a quick satisfying project.  I didn't have any great sweatshirt fleece on hand and am still waiting for some sample swatches but after seeing Marie's yesterday I had to try it.  What I did have on hand was a pile of sweaters intended for refashioning.

This pattern actually takes 2 1/2 yards of fabric so I had to get creative with two sweaters.  I do like the contrast of the  cable cuffs and hood but admit it may be too heavy for the hood.  Also, I wish there were enough scraps to add the pockets like the original pattern suggests and I could have definitely used some extra length considering this barely fits over my very round belly.

This will be great to wear just after the baby is born and it being winter I'm even considering making a dress version with a long placket that would allow easy nursing. Still waiting on the swatches for that though. 

1 comment:

  1. The cable on the cuffs and hood looks so cute. Now I want to make the sweater version. If only I had the same luck you have with thrift shopping. Let me know when your samples come.


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