Saturday, May 1, 2010

Knit Jacket

Pattern:  Shell Button
Size:  Small (with alteration)
Fabric:  Cotton quilted knit with bamboo lining

I finally got to sewing!  This jacket is now off season but it was on the top of my pile so it had to get done.  I love that it is super comfy and a step up from a hooded sweatshirt.

Keep in mind that this pattern is designed for a Japanese woman, you can see how slender the model is above.

Since I am nursing my 7th baby there was obvious need for pattern alteration.   I drafted size small because my shoulders are narrow and just added width and length to the bust line with an additional 1" down the side seams for my hips.  I originally planned to sew darts but decided since I was using a knit I could just ease the excess in.

I especially love the antique metal snaps - that made a quick finish instead of having to do buttonholes.

I also probably won't attempt anymore adult Japanese patterns until I lose some of this baby weight so stay tuned for some Spring sewing for little girls.


  1. Beautiful jacket! it is just the thing a cute mom needs. I wish I had your alteration skills. Very jealous!

  2. I really love this! I want to make one too.


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