Monday, March 1, 2010

Customer Uploads

A lot of Japanese online stores have a place they call "gallery" or "BBS", where customers can upload their creations made with their fabric or patterns. I've gone through my bookmarks and made a list of links here. Click away and enjoy! If you know any I didn't mention here, please share it in the comment section, so Alison and I can go check it out!

HARU (Pages take a while to upload. Be patient.)

Hibi+ (This one is a little slow, too.)


  1. Thanks Marie'! Too bad I'll be spending more time on the computer now - these are great sites

  2. Thanks for sharing. What a pity I cannot read Japanese language !

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog while spending hours trying to decide which pattern book i might splurge on (especially since they often just end up looking pretty on the shelf!) Congrats on the new kid! Your blog is wonderful! xo als


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